When Fatigue Could Be a Serious Problem

A lot of people experience fatigue on a regular basis, thinking they feel tired all the time simply because of their busy lifestyles. While that may be the case in many instances, in others it could be the sign of a serious, underlying medical condition. These are some of the conditions that have fatigue as a symptom and need to be addressed as soon as possible.


Anemia occurs due to a shortage of red blood cells that carry oxygen to your cells and tissues. Some of the typical causes include a vitamin or iron deficiency, internal bleeding, or a chronic medical problem such as cancer, kidney failure or rheumatoid arthritis. Many women develop anemia due to menstruation, which can result in a significant loss of blood. Other symptoms include rapid heartbeat, headaches, difficulty sleeping and a lack of concentration.

Thyroid Problems

If there is an issue with your thyroid hormones, simple, everyday tasks can be exhausting, such as climbing stairs or walking short distances. If your thyroid is too active, that results in a condition known as hyperthyroidism. If the thyroid is not active enough, that leads to the slowing of your metabolism (hypothyroidism).


Fatigue could be an indication of diabetes. Other symptoms include frequent urination, blurred vision, excessive thirst, irritability, and sudden weight loss. Your doctor can perform tests that can reveal whether or not you have the condition so that the right plan of treatment can be determined.

If you are experiencing fatigue on a regular basis that does not subside even after getting more rest and other lifestyle changes, you should seek medical attention. Visit your neares Questcare Medical Clinic location and one of our doctors will get to the root of your problem.