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Contactless Check-In

All Questcare family medicine doctors and internal medicine doctors are committed to delivering the highest quality medical care. Questcare physicians specialize in multiple areas of medicine and can treat a wide variety of health issues.

Our Family Medicine Doctors

Each QuestCare Medical Clinic location is conveniently located throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. With several locations throughout the Metroplex, a Questcare family medicine or internal medicine doctor with the knowledge and experience necessary to get a person back on the road to full health is close by. Questcare accepts most major insurance plans and also provides a patient portal that offers access 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These are just a few of our areas of focus:

Wellness and Prevention

A Questcare family medicine doctor will work to keep the entire family healthy, while our internal medicine doctors are specially trained for the care of adult patients. By educating patients about lifestyle habits that may be putting them at risk, we help to prevent potentially serious health problems.

Chronic Disease Management

Keeping long-term conditions under control is a cornerstone of our chronic disease management program. A chronic disease is a persistent condition or illness such as heart disease or diabetes. Each family medicine doctor and internal medicine doctor with Questcare has the proper training and equipment to manage and treat many chronic conditions.

Express Care

When immediate care for urgent issues and minor emergencies is needed, Questcare will be ready to help. Same-day and next-day appointments are available for many types of problems, including colds, headaches, respiratory illnesses, sprains and many more.

Contact Our Family Medicine Doctors

The experts at our Questcare Medical Clinic locations are committed to delivering the highest quality medical services in the most convenient manner possible. Please contact us today.