How to Prevent Joint Pain During Summer Activities

The summer months are an excellent time to get out and enjoy the weather, exercise and move your body. However, if joint pain is an issue, enjoying summer activities can become a painful experience. Here are some ways to help relieve and prevent joint pain while still being able to participate in fun and healthy summer activities.

Go Swimming

Swimming is a fantastic way to get rigorous exercise, while still being easy on the joints. Swimming is non-impact and the buoyancy of the water helps to relieve stiffness of the joints, especially if you are doing so in a heated pool. Not a swimmer? Try swim walking. This new type of exercise is popping up in classes all over the country because of its calorie-burning, cardiovascular-friendly results, while still being easy on the joints.

Keep Moving

Having a frequent range of motion throughout the day is important. The more you are moving, the more relief you are providing to your joints as a result. Remember that flexibility will give you a better range of movement and prevent pain. Don't stretch right before you exercise, as your muscles are cold and thus, stiff. Instead, try a brisk walk to loosen up your joints and stretch your muscles before you begin your exercise routine.

Avoid High-Impact Exercise

For joints, it's important to not to put pressure on the joints unnecessarily. Refrain from high-impact aerobics and anything that involves jumping or running. Instead, stick to swimming, yoga, pilates, light or power walking (with the proper sneakers), strength training, or biking. If you do still experience pain, ice the joints on and off for fifteen-minute intervals throughout the day. You may also practice hydrotherapy using warm water and soothing bath salts to relieve swelling and discomfort. Utilizing these tips will help to relieve pressure and pain from the joints and keep you moving easily and painlessly all summer long!

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