Keeping Safe During Summer Travel Season

The summer travel season is already here. With kids out of school and the summer heat in full swing, it is time for families to begin embarking on family vacations.

This can be a fun time to connect with family and friends, but there are safety precautions to think of so that everyone can have a good time.

Before You Travel This Summer

When it comes to safety, preparation is key. Before leaving town, be sure to check on the following:

  • Make your home safe while you are gone by turning off and unplugging everything run by gas or electricity. Be sure pets are cared for and security alarms are on.
  • Have a tune-up done on your vehicle. Even if you just got an oil change, it is best to make sure your car is in good shape for a road trip.
  • Make sure you pack emergency items such as first-aid kits, sunscreen, pest control sprays and other items you might need in case of a breakdown or emergency.
  • Talk with your children about safety and staying together. Let them know what to do in tricky situations.
  • Consider taking CPR classes, if you are going somewhere where swimming is involved.

Prepare for Weather Situations

Depending on where you are spending your vacation, you may encounter both heat and thunderstorms. You should prepare accordingly by having a plan and packing items you may need such as sunscreen, water and sunglasses.

Pay Attention to How Much is in Your Vehicle

All vehicles have a limit to what they can hold. Going over this weight limit can cause problems with the function and control of your vehicle. Do not overload your car because your safety may depend upon it.

Caution at Home

Even if you are opting for a staycation this summer, there are things you should look out for. Traffic is going to become more congested over the summer. Why? This is because more families are coming to visit each other, and construction will begin when the weather is warm and dry. Also, if you are in a tourist destination, be aware that many people will be from out of town, unfamiliar with routes, road laws and landmarks. This calls for extra caution on the road. If you find yourself in need of medical care this summer, we’re here for you. To schedule an appointment, contact Questcare Medical Clinic.