The flu (influenza) is an often-serious respiratory infection caused by a virus. It normally occurs most often in the winter and is easily spread. Flu season typically begins and December and can last until spring. At Questcare Medical Clinic, our physicians and staff members are extremely familiar with this condition and offer effective treatments to help patients get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

Symptoms of the Flu

People who contract the flu virus often have a moderate to high fever as well as a headache, sore throat and a runny nose. They can also have a dry cough, aching muscles, chills and a loss of appetite. There are, however, several conditions with symptoms that are very similar to the flu. That is why patients need to be checked by a qualified medical professional to provide an accurate diagnosis and rule out these other issues.

Potential Complications of the Flu

Influenza is debilitating for most people who develop the condition, but it can be extremely serious in many instances. For example, small children, the elderly and people who have chronic diseases could suffer potentially dangerous complications because their immune symptoms have been compromised. These complications can include bronchitis, pneumonia or even death. People who fall into these categories must be checked by a doctor as soon as they show any symptoms.

Treatment for the Flu

Most people who become sick with the flu can fight the disease by drinking lots of fluids and getting plenty of rest. However, there are antiviral drugs that can help relieve symptoms in more serious cases. The best way to avoid catching the disease is to visit Questcare Medical Clinic to get a safe, effective flu shot.

Contact Us About the Flu

If you or a loved one contract the flu, or if you would like to obtain a flu shot to protect yourself from catching the virus, contact one of our Questcare Medical Clinic locations to schedule an appointment.