Sprains and Strains

Whether a person is a professional athlete or simply plays in the occasional pick-up game, there is always the chance for sprains, strains, sports injuries and other issues. Most of the time, these types of injuries happen due to minor trauma to ligaments, muscles and tendons. All Questcare Medical Clinic facilities are staffed with medical professionals who have the experience and expertise necessary to treat a wide range of injury-related problems.

Sprain & Strain Treatment

Sprains, strains, sports injuries and other issues related to physical activity can be treated in many different ways. In many instances, a person suffering this type of injury will be fitted with a splint or brace to protect the affected area against any complications. A doctor may recommend a patient use a cane or crutches so that he or she can remain mobile without pain.

There are times where compression treatment may be used to help speed the recovery of sprains, strains, sports injuries and similar issues. A doctor will typically wrap the area using even pressure, beginning with the area located farthest from the heart. The patient will likely wear the wrap until any swelling has subsided, but it will need to be loosened if any sort of discoloration is noticed.

When to See a Doctor for Sprains, Strains, Sports Injuries and Similar Issues

There are several signs that you will need to seek medical attention for a sprain, a strain or a sports injury. For instance, you should visit a doctor if you are experiencing severe pain and you are unable to put any weight on the injured joint. Also, see a medical professional if you notice numbness in the injured area or a limb either gives way or buckles when you try to use it.

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