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Men’s Health Services

Each Questcare Medical Clinic facility is devoted to providing men’s health services that help improve the quality of patients’ lives. We offer diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as low testosterone in comfortable, confidential environment. In addition, we provide guidance to help patients learn healthier ways of living.

Questcare’s Men’s Health Services

We offer a wide range of men’s health services, including erectile dysfunction, low testosterone and low sexual desire. Here is information on each. Erectile dysfunction – Also known as ED, this is one of the most common men’s health issues. Testing for this condition includes looking at several psychological and medical causes as well as identification of potential risk factors that include obesity, elevated levels of cholesterol and more. Treatments include oral medications, injections and others. Low testosterone – Men who suffer from a decreased energy level, reduced muscle mass and reduced sex drive should consider being checked for low testosterone. Questcare Medical Clinic physicians can offer several different treatment options to help restore testosterone to proper levels. Low sexual desire – This is a lack of sexual thoughts that can result in a failure to either initiate sexual activity or respond to a partner who initiates that activity. Treatment options include medications to help conditions that may be affecting hormones associated with sexual desire.

Benefits of Men’s Health Services

It can be difficult for a man to speak about these types of issues, but the men’s health experts with Questcare Medical Clinic provide a comfortable, non-judgmental atmosphere. Patients can ask questions with no fear of embarrassment. Once we diagnose an issue, we will recommend a treatment plan designed to help a patient once again live life to the fullest. 

Contact Us About Men’s Health Services

Please do not continue to suffer in silence from a condition that could be successfully treated. If you have questions about men’s health services or geriatric medicine services offered, contact a Questcare Medical Clinic. Contact us to schedule an appointment.