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Children’s Health Services

Parents seeking top-quality children’s health services at an affordable price can turn to Questcare Medical Clinics. We provide a caring, friendly environment designed to put both you and your child at ease, and a staff of skilled physicians who have a great deal of experience in treating several types of health issues. Our comprehensive services feature cutting-edge technology and advanced treatment methods aimed at restoring a child to full health as quickly as possible.

Questcare Children’s Health Services

These are just a few of the children’s health services we offer at our Questcare Medical Clinic locations.

School and Camp Physicals – If a child is starting in school, registering to participate in a school sport, or going to a camp, he or she will typically be required to undergo a physical examination beforehand. This exam will usually entail taking measurements of weight and height, checking blood pressure, taking a look at the child’s eyes, ears and throat and also checking the heart, lungs and abdomen.

Immunizations and Injections – Immunizations are a critical component of children’s health. They are comprised of versions of a virus or bacteria that cause a certain disease, and stimulate the body’s immune system to produce protective antibodies. These antibodies remain in the body, standing at the ready to fight off that disease.

Minor Emergency Care – Let’s face it; active children can get hurt. If this happens to your child, Questcare Medical Clinic facilities offer treatment for several different types of minor emergencies. These include cuts and scrapes, sprains, broken bones and many others. We also offer treatment for many types of illnesses, including the cold, flu, fever, ear infections and more.

Benefits of Children’s Health Services

It can be scary for anyone to need medical treatment but this is especially the case with children. Our physicians have a great deal of experience in treating many types of children’s health issues, and will do whatever is needed to make your young patient feel comfortable.

Contact Us About Children’s Health Services

Find out more about the children’s health services or women’s health services offered at our Questcare Medical Clinic locations by contacting us today.