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Women’s Health Services

Our Questcare Medical Clinic facilities have a major focus on Women’s health. We provide comprehensive services for women of all ages, and our skilled physicians provide the information and care necessary to help patients live the healthiest, fullest life possible. No matter what type of service a woman may need, we will treat her with the utmost respect and listen carefully to all of her concerns.

Questcare’s Women’s Health Services

These are just a few of the women’s health services we provide:
  • Menopause treatment – While menopause is a natural part of a woman’s aging process, it can be an extremely stressful and uncomfortable experience. As part of Questcare’s women’s health program, we help patients navigate through this phase of their lives. We know that each woman experiences menopause in a different fashion, so we customize a treatment approach that addresses her exact symptoms.
  • Breast cancer screening – Breast cancer screening can help to substantially reduce the risk of death from this disease that affects nearly 200,000 women annually and takes more than 40,000 lives. Regular screening improves the chances to catch cancer early and eliminate the disease before it has the chance to spread.
  • STIs – Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) include chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea and others. While there is no known cure, some of these infections will typically respond to antibiotic treatment if they are diagnosed quickly.

Benefits of Women’s Health Services

The professionals at every Questcare Medical Clinic location can provide regular checkups to discover women’s health problems and treat them before they develop any further. Examinations are extremely important, because certain diseases are a great deal harder to fight if treatment does not begin early enough. 

Contact Us About Women’s Health Services

Contact a Questcare Medical Clinic location to take advantage of our women’s health services or men’s health services. Contact us to schedule an appointment.